50 days of intensive studying

I’ve decided to get on a strict studying schedule since I’m not pleased with the speed I’m progressing even though I draw every day.
I need to push myself even further.

I pinned down my weak points
– hands & feet (I’m terrible at those)
– balancing the pose and getting it to feel natural
– portraits from imagination
– facial expressions
with focus on:
– colors
– basic shapes
– light source
– having fun painting

So I’m planning to do at least 1 study every day from each of those categories and then apply it by redrawing it from memory. This way, I force the speed at which I can memorize these things.
This will not be easy, but if I manage to keep posting, I’m pretty sure I’ll get to the level I want.

Here are some studies I did the other days, tomorrow I’ll start posting








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